Why You Should Pray for Your Child’s Teacher

Do you pray for your child's teachers? Learn why we it is important that parents pray for their child's teacher and how they can pray for them.

Back to school season is in full swing. Some of your kids might already be back in school.

While many of us are out shopping for clothes and school supplies for the year.

Your child’s teacher is busy at his/her school getting their classroom ready to receive your child.

Many of them have spent their summer off in training or writing lesson plans for this upcoming year.

Some of them have devoted their time to helping children succeed and pass their classes in summer school.

As a former high school teacher at a Title 1 School (which means we had a high population of students from low-income homes) , one of the best things you can do for your child’s teacher(s) is to pray for them.

Not just during the beginning of the school year, but throughout the year as well.

I would like to share with you the top 2 reasons why you should pray for your child’s teacher and what you should pray for.

The Top 2 Reasons Why You Should Pray for Your Son/Daughters Teacher(s)

1. They’re Only Human

Teachers fall into that group of people that as a society we tend to hold to a higher moral standard than the rest of us.

Sometimes we forget that they are only human just like us.

When I taught I had to constantly remind my students that I did not sleep, breathe, and eat at school.

I had a life outside of those four walls and that sometimes like them I had good and bad days.

While I did my best not to let my life outside of school affect my job it didn’t always happen that way.

Your child’s teacher is no different than, you.

They have their fears, their struggles, and their own brokenness that they have to deal with every day on top of dealing with our little darlings all day.

2. They Have a Major Influence On Our Children

Our children spend roughly 7-8 hours a day at school for 10 months.

Which means that they spend about 1,440 hours a year at school.

That’s a lot of hours to spend with somebody other than their parents.

You child’s teacher has the potential to have a huge impact on their life.

A teachers primary job is to pass down the information that our society deems important for our children to live decent and prodcutive lives.

During all of this sharing of knowledge teachers can aslo pass on their own personal thoughts and beliefs to our students.

Some of which might be contrary to what we as parents teach our children at home.

For instance, their was an English teacher in my school that was very vocal with her students about women’s rights and being Pro-choice.

Because of that many students either refused to defend their Pro-life beliefs in her classroom and some of them even began to support her views.

While I feel that it is ok for teachers to pose questions to students to help them come to their own conclusions about certain issues.

I don’t believe that we should be pushing our beliefs on our students.

This is not something that you as a parent can control, but it is something that you should be aware.

Everybody needs prayer, but as our kids go to school it is important to make sure that not only your children, but their teachers are covered in prayer.

What Should I Pray for My Child’s Teacher(s)?

Most parents do not have close relationships with their children’s teachers unless they are very involved in their child’s school.

It’s hard to pray for someone when you don’t know them personally, but as a former teacher, I can give you a general guide as to what I needed and often prayed for during the school year.


As a teacher I often found my patience running thin with my students by the end of the 1st quarter.

It’s not easy trying to keep 30 students on taks and engaged and all day.

As well as convincing them to turn in or actually do their homework assignments.

If I’m being honest there were a few days in my teaching career that I just gave up trying to teach my students anything that day because I was frustrated with the kids and their behavior.

I would have to take a teacher time out and ask the Lord to give me the strength and the patience to make to the end of the day.


When I first started teaching one of the first things I was tol by a vetern teacher was not to smile or be nice to your students.

I figured that she didn’t know what she was talking about and so on the first day of school I smiled and was nice to my kids.

As I drifted into my 2nd quarter of teaching the patience and the kindness began to wear off.

I found myself being snappy and irritable with my kids. I was fed up with their excuses and shanangans.

I didn’t want to give them another chance to turn in that assignmet that I had already given them 3 times already.

I would often have to remind myself to extend the same compassion to my students that Christ had extended to me.


As I mentioned before teachers are human just like everybody else. Sometimes students can be very…challenging and disrespectful towards their teachers.

Even though we know that they are just children there are times when it’s hard to not take these attacks personally.

Sometimes this can manifest itself in a passive agressive manner or a negative attitude towards your child.

Pray that your son or daughters teacher has a forgiving heart and doesn’t hold a grudge against those students that offend them.

4.Wisdom & 5.Discernment

Pray that your child’s teacher will have wisdom and discernment.

As a teacher my job was so much more than just standing up and lecturing my students.

I also servered as “mom”, counselor, and social worker for some of my kids.

I needed wisdom and discernment to know when something was wrong with one of my students and how to approach them.

A few years ago I had a student that was being physically abused by her boyfriend.

I had know her since she was a freshman and I just couldn’t believe that she was living in this kind of situation.

I had to pray for wisdom and discernment on how to properly handle the issue.

If you’ve ever dealt with someone who’s been in an abusive situation you know how difficult it can be.

In the end, with the help of her counselor we were able to get her out of that situation and into a safer environment.


Pray for the safety of your children, their school, and their teachers.

Mass school shootings and bullying have become a prominent issue in today’s culture.

But there is also a silent issue that goes unreported in schools.

Have you ever met a teacher that has been assaulted by a student?

Well, I have.

It dosen’t get covered in the news very often, but their have been plenty of instances where teachers have been physically and/or verbally attacked by students and/or their parents.

I was never afraid of any of the students in my classroom, but I also covered myself and my classroom in prayer.

7. Salvation

Most importantly pray for their salvation.

There are many teachers in public and private school systems that are Chrsitans.

And there are just a many, if not more of them that aren’t.

If you son or daughters teacher is a Christian pray for their strength and that they will be a light in a dark place.

If they aren’t pray that they will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Don’t be afraid to invite them to church or an outreach event.

You and your child could be the one’s to plant the seed of salvation into that teachers life.

Final Thoughts

Your child’s teachers will probably be one of the most influential people in your child’s life.

I’m sure you know people who’s life was changed by that one teacher in school for the better or worse.

Remember your child’s teacher has the power to speak life or death into your children each and every day.

While we tend to hold teachers to a higher moral standard, they are still only human like the rest of us.

They still need to be covered in prayer.

So take this time today and write down the name(s) of your child’s teacher(s).

Make it a point to add them to your prayer list.

Pray that God would grant them patience, compassion, the ability to forgive, wisdom, discernment, and the gift of salvation.

Now it’s your turn.

Do you pray for your child’s teacher? What other items would you add to the prayer list?

I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments section.

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0 thoughts on “Why You Should Pray for Your Child’s Teacher

  1. Yes! Public schools are a battleground and we need to pray that our believing teachers can stay strong in the midst of a hostile environment and be a Light to their students!

  2. What a beautiful, timely reminder! This part right here: Remember your child’s teacher has the power to speak life or death into your children each and every day. Wow.
    How unbelievably true that is. Every day I pray for my kids, but rarely do I ever pray over their teachers. I will certainly be changing that now ?

    1. Yes, teachers need to be covered in prayer. We have such influence over the lives of our students. I never realized how much influence I had over my kids lives until I met a few of them after they graduated and they shared the fond memories they had in my class and how I encouraged them to purse certain things. It was really an eye opening moment.

    2. Yes, please pray for them. I never realized how much of an influence I had on my students lives until I saw a few of them after they graduated. And they shared how much I helped them and influenced then in high school. It was truly humbling.

  3. Thank you for this post. I’m a middle school teacher and really appreciate the prayers of my students and their families. And, I pray for my kids’ teachers. I even have the kids pray regularly for them on our way to school.

    1. Yes, it’s easy to forget how teachers impact our kids lives and need to be covered in prayer just like everyone else. I used to pray for classroom and students throughout the year.
      Middle school? That’s awesome. I taught high school. I don’t think I could teach middle school after dealing with high school kids for so long.

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