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Welcome to the Family!

No matter what decade you were born in raising a family has never been easy.

Raising a family requires you to wear many hats. Some we fill qualified to wear and other’s that we feel unqualified to even put on, but we put them on anyway.

Seriously, there are days when I wonder who qualified me to be the mother of 4 children or how I manage to keep my sanity throughout the day.

Fortunately, for this generation of parents, we have the internet to provide us with resources that our parents and grandparents never had.

And that is what I hope to provide on my family page for my readers. Resources and advice based on my own experiences as a wife, a bonus mom (step-parent) and a stay at home mom.

I also hope to provide you with a sneak peek into my own family life and struggles with my Morning Musings posts. 

Comments and feedback are always welcome. If there is a specific topic you would like for me to discuss please feel free to leave me a comment or contact me.

Thanks for stopping by,

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