Easy Double Crochet Hooded Scarf With Ears Pattern

Looking for a cute easy crochet hooded scarf pattern? Try making this simple double crochet pink fox hooded scarf. Perfect for kids,teens, and adults! Download the free pdf pattern today. #crochet #crochetscarf #crochetpattern #beginners #scarf
Looking for an easy hooded crochet scarf pattern with ears? Crochet this easy double crochet hood scarf with cute fox ears. Perfect scarf for little kids or teenagers.

Who doesn’t love a hooded scarf with ears!

I made this scarf for myself but it would also be perfect for a little kid or a teenager.

This project is perfect for crocheters that have the basics down and are ready to learn how to decrease stitches.

Because of the color I refer to this pattern as the Pink Fox Hooded Scarf, but you don’t have to use pink.

Let’s get to the pattern!

The Pink Fox Hooded Scarf Pattern


  • 2 balls of Red Heart Essentials (5 Bulky,Flamingo)
  • 1 ball of Red Heart Essentials (5 Bulky, Black)- for ears (or any color scarp yarn)
  • Size N hook (10mm) and Size L hook ( 8mm
  • Scissors
  • Daring Needle


  • yo-yarn over
  • ch-chain
  • sc- single chain
  • dc-double crochet
  • tgt- together ( ex: 2tgt, 3tgt, used to decrease the number of stitches)

Special Stitches

Decreasing Stitches –

Insert hook into sc, yo, pull through…insert hook into the next stitch, yo, pull through…there should be 3 loops on the hook…yo and pull through all 3 loops.

Video Tutorial On Decreasing Stitches

Finished Measurements: 67.5 in x 9.5 in

Skill Level: Beginner – Advanced Beginner

Double Crochet Hooded Scarf Pattern

Ch. 156
Row 1: Insert hook into 2nd ch from the hook, dc in each stitch, Ch 2 and turn.
Row 2: dc in 3rd ch from the hook, 1 dc in each chain to the end, ch 2 turn
Row 3 – 12: repeat row 2
Cut yarn, tie off, and weave in any loose ends.
Put a stitch marker in the 77th stitch.

Fold the Scarf in half (stitch 77) sew the two sides of the scarf together starting at the top.

Stitch together 14-16 stitches.

How to Crochet Fox Ears

Black and pink crochet fox ears.

Ch.8 ( leave a tail long enough to sew on the ears)
Row 1: insert hook into the 2nd chain from the hook place 1 sc, sc across the rest of the row. Ch 1 and turn. (7)
Row 2: repeat row 1 (7)
Row 3: sc 2tgt (ch 1 & 2), sc in the next 3 ch, sc 2tgt, ch. 1 (5)
Row 4: 1 sc in each chain in the row (5)
Row 5: sc 2tgt (ch 1 &2), sc in the next stitch, sc 2tgt (stitch 4&5), ch. 1 (3)
Row 6: 1 sc in each stitch in the row (3)
Row 7: sc 2tgt (ch 1& 2), sc in the next stitch (2)
Row 8: 1 sc in the next 2 stitches (2)
Row 9: sc 2tgt, ch. 1 (1)
Row 10: 1 sc
Place a stitch marker in each corner
Row 11: sc around the triangle, put 2 sc in the bottom of each corner, place a stitch marker in the top stitch (28)
Row 12: sc in the next 25 stitches, change to black sc in the next 6 stitches, turn
Row 12: sc 6tgt, ch 1
Tie off and cut string, weave in the tails.
Repeat for the 2nd ear

How To Attach the Ears

Crochet fox ear attached to the top of the scarf with stitch markers.

Lay the scarf with the point facing away from you.

Place the ears where you want them on the top of the hood.

You can use your stitch markers to hold them in place.

Sew each ear to the top of the scarf. Tie off the yarn and weave in the ends.

Viola! Now you have a cute pink hooded fox scarf. (Click to download a pdf copy of this pattern)

Completed pink crochet hooded scarf with ears.

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