21 Crochet Gift Ideas for Christmas

Looking for a few DIY gifts to give your loved ones this Christmas? Check out these 20 Crochet Christmas gift ideas.

What better gift to give this season than one made from the heart.

Crocheting is one of my favorite hobbies. It’s also one of my favorite kinds of gifts to give during the holiday season.

There are so many different crochet gifts that you can give to your friends and family: hats, scarves, blankets, toys(amigurumi), etc.

For this holiday season, I’ve rounded up 20 crochet patterns that are sure to be a hit with your friends and family.

Get personal with your Christmas gifts this season. Instead buying a gift crochet a gift this year. Check out these awesome free crochet patterns that would make the perfect gift this holiday season.

Crochet Ear Warmers

Who doesn’t want to keep their ears warm during those cold winter months?

These cute and fashionable ear warmers are sure to keep those little or not so little ears warm.

Simple Crochet Ear Warmer

crochet ear warmer

Ridgy Headband Ear Warmer

crochet ear warmer

Crochet Lux Headband

crochet ear warmer

Crochet Hats and Scarves

Hats and scarves are usually my go-to gifts during the holiday season. Not only are the easy to make, but they’re also fashionable and functional.

The Thimble Beanie – Tunisian Crochet Pattern

thimble crochet beanie

The Lorelai Beanie

Crochet beanie

Crochet Puffy Scarf and Matching Crochet Puffy Hat w/ Flower

Puffy Crochet Scarf
puffy crochet hat with flower

Crochet Honey Mustard Scarf

mustard and white crochet scarf

Easy Corner to Corner Scarf

Easy and simple corner to corner two color crochet scarf pattern.

Crochet Blankets

Who doesn’t like a soft, warm blanket to snuggle up in on those cold winter nights? These crochet blankets are sure to be a hit with friends and family.

Easy Weekend Baby Blanket

pink and grey crochet baby blanket

3 Hour Afghan

white and grey crochet afghan

Simple Half Double Crochet Blanket

Gray and white crochet blanket

Cute Crochet Toys (Amigurumi)

Amigurumi! How I love making these for my kids! This is only a minuscule sampling of the world of Amigurumi.

Honestly, I’m probably going to make a round up post of my favorite Amigurumi patterns soon.

I wouldn’t consider amigurumi a beginner’s project, but if you’ve been crocheting for awhile you should have no problem making these.

Squishimo Stress Ball (paid pattern $0.99)

crochet stress balls

Baby Penguin

amigurumi penguins

The Bitty Bunnies

amigurumi crochet bunnies

Crochet Fish In A Jar

If your looking for something truly unique check out my post on the crochet fish in a jar gift pattern by Lexie Loves Stitching.

The pattern is written in UK terminology, but the video was easy to follow.

Crochet fish in a jar.

The K-Pop Mask

This is obviously not amigurumi, but I thought it would fit better here than in the scarf or ear warmers section.

If you know anyone who is into k-pop,k-drama, anime (raises hand), etc then they would definitely love one of these masks!

(on a more practical note it’s a great way to keep your face warm!)

crochet k-pop mask

Crochet Slipper Boots

Keep those feet warm with these crochet clippers.

Crochet Christmas Decor

Do you know someone that is constantly changing up their home decor based on the season? Then these crochet Christmas decor patterns might make the perfect gift this season.

Crochet Stocking Ornament

These crochet stocking ornaments are so cute! These would make a perfect Christmas keepsake gift for a new mom.

crochet Christmas stocking ornaments

Crochet Christmas Coaster

crochet Christmas coasters

Snowflake Placemat

crochet snowflake placemat

Full disclosure…It wasn’t until I did my crochet fall decor round-up that I knew crochet placemats and coasters were even a thing!

Final Thoughts

We’ve finally come to the end of the list.

While this list is by no means comprehensive it does have some great gift ideas.

Christmas is right around the corner.

I hope something that you’ve seen here has inspired you to bust out those crochet hooks and get to work!

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Get personal with your Christmas gifts this season. Instead buying a gift crochet a gift this year. Check out these awesome free crochet patterns that would make the perfect gift this holiday season.

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