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Hi guys,

My name is EJ, I’m the Creative Executive Officer of The Crafty Afro.

I bet you’re wondering why this blog is here, what it can do for you and what in the world is a Crafty Afro?

This blog serves three main purposes:

  • To provide inspiration and tools to help people grow in their relationship with Christ.
  • Share helpful tips and advice for stay at home parents and families.
  • Share crochet, sewing, and blogging tips and advice.

As an added bonus you can find free worksheets and templates, like the excel spreadsheet for paying your bills weekly or the template for writing your own crochet patterns.

As a former teacher, making worksheets and templates for things comes pretty easy. I’m sure more will be added in the months to come so stay tuned for those!

Where did the name The Crafty Afro come from?

Before I became a blogger I was a high school science teacher. My students (and my husband) could always identify me by my larger than life Afro puff.

The Fro

Then when my youngest daughter was born, in 2017, I decided to become a SAHM.

I’ve always been interested in crochet, drawing, singing, dancing…pretty much anything that is creative in nature, I enjoy doing.

I consider myself a Jack of Most Trades when it comes to crafty things. It wasn’t until recently that I took up sewing and discovered the amazing world of fabric.

Being a stay at home parent can be a little lonely at times. Blogging seemed like a natural way to connect with other people and share the things I created.

There you have it. The story behind the blogs name.

Large Afro + Love of crafting = The Crafty Afro!

When I’m not working on my blog, taking care of my family, or helping out at my church. You can find me vegging out on the couch watching an anime(MHA) or some superhero show (FYI batman is the best superhero!).

Watching TV in my sweet Goku socks!

I’m far from a girly girl and couldn’t tell you how to put on makeup if my life depended on it (please pray for my daughters, lol).

If you have questions or if you have an issue with downloading anything on my blog please feel free to contact me here.

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I am relatively new to blogging and this site it still a work in progress. As I become more confident as a blogger, I’m sure this site will continue to change and grow.

Thanks for stopping by!

Until Next time,