How to Grow in Your Walk with Christ

Do you desire to grow in your walk with Christ? Create a quiet time routine that will help you hear God's voice and grow in your walk with him.

Jesus said to his disciples,

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

John 10:27,KJV

When babies are born they instinctively turn their heads to their mothers the voice.


Because they have spent 9 months in close contact with her.

Listening to the sound of her heartbeat and the murmur of her voice.

This type of intimate relationship is also needed between a believer and God if they want to grow in their walk with Christ.

How do we develop this kind of relationship?

By spending time in His presence daily(aka quiet/devotional time).

Today we’re going to talk about how to develop a daily quiet time routine that will help grow your faith.

Do you want to grow in your walk with Christ? Use these four simple steps to develop a daily routine to help you grow in your faith.

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How To Develop A Daily Quiet Time Routine

1.Prioritize Your To-Do List

As a Christian God should be our top priority.

Not our spouses, job, children, fnances, etc.

As a stay at home mom, I know how hard it can be to find time during the day to get anything extra done.

But we have to be willing to sacrifice a few things on our to-do list to make room for God.

There is a song by Jonathan McReynolds called Make Room.

The lyrics go like this:

I find space for what I treasure
I make time for what I want
I choose my priorities and
Jesus you're my number one.
So I will make room for you
I will prepare for two
So you don't feel that you
Can't live here, please live in me.

That should be our hearts cry for Jesus to come and live in us.

But how can he come in and live in our hearts when we can’t even make time for him during the day.

We move our schedules around for everything else that we want to do.

Why not make time in our schedules to spend real quality time with our Savior.

2.Set A Time & Duration

Look at your schedule and choose a specific time during the day that you can commit to spending with God.

I prefer the early morning or late evenings when the kids aren’t awake.

However, I can say that when I make God a priority at the beginning of my day things tend to go a lot smoother.

If you’re new to creating a quiet time routine starting out with 5-10 minutes is a great goal.

Eventually, your time should increase to about 20 minutes or more.

I know that may seem like a long time, but when you are trying to develop a relationship with someone you spend hours with that person getting to know each other.

Your quiet time is like your own personal date with the creator of the Universe!

Believe me when I say that the minutes will fly by.

3. Pick A Location

The next thing you want to do is pick a location.

Preferably somewhere away from distractions, relatively quiet, and comfortable.

As a parent, I know it can be hard to find a quiet spot in the house to get anything done.

Not even the bathroom is sacred in my house!

Sometimes you have to get creative.

A few creative places to do your quiet time are:

  • your car,
  • your closet (often referred to as a prayer closet),
  • your bathroom,
  • garage,
  • During your morning walk or run ( I don’t know about you but physical exercise always makes me feel closer to the Lord, maybe it’s because I feel like I’m dying lol)

There really isn’t a right or wrong place to spend time with the Lord.

As long as it’s a place where you can focus on Him, that’s all that matters.

4. Get Organized

If you chose a more traditional location like a room in your house, then you need to get it organized.

For instance, I do my quiet time in my living room in the morning before the kids wake up.

There is nothing more distracting to me than trying to read my bible and pray with toys and book bags strewn all over the place.

I usually end up trying to clean up instead of focusing on my time with the Lord.

Now I make sure that the area is clean beforehand.

Another great organization technique is to create a Quiet Time bin.

Keep this bin in a specific place in your room.

Fill it with everything you need:

  • Bible
  • Highlighters
  • Pens
  • Journal
  • Devotionals
  • Sticky notes
  • Do Not Disturb Sign

And anything else you’ll need to help make your quiet time a success.

What To Do During Your Quiet Time

If your desire is to grow spiritually then your quiet time should not just consist of reading a few passages or a 5-minute devotional, then going about your day.

Try to include a few of the things listed below:

1. Praise and Worship

I like to start off my quiet time with praise and worship.

It helps me take my mind off of my surroundings and focus on God.

2. Pray

Spend time in prayer.

Talk to the Lord about what’s going on in your life and pray for those on your prayer list.

If your not sure what to pray about read this post. (what to pray post)

3. Study Your Bible

Studying your bible on your own can be a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Always remember to pray and ask God for wisdom and understanding before reading his word.

Pick a version of the bible that is easy for you to read and understand.

Besides your regular bible, you may want to purchase a good study bible.

If you’re unsure about studying the bible try one of these 5 bible study methods.

If your looking for a specific place to start reading the book of John, Psalms, and Proverbs are always great places to begin.

4. Journal

Bible journaling and prayer journaling has become a pretty popular practice for many Christians.

For me, these practices help me focus on what I’m doing at the moment.

Journaling also allows me to go back and look at how God has answered my prayers or given me words of encouragement or rebuke during those moments with him.

5. Memorize Scripture

The Bible says we are to write the word on the tablets of our hearts. (Proverbs 7:3, paraphrase)

Memorizing scripture is one of the best ways that we can inscribe the Word onto our hearts and into our minds.

A few easy ways to memorize scripture (check out these 13 easy memory verses):

  • Write it down
  • Read it out loud
  • Sing it
  • Draw it out

Final Thoughts

Alright, so let’s do a quick recap.

Daily quiet time is essential if we want to be able to hear God’s voice and grow in our faith.

The only way we’re going to be able to have quiet time is if we make it a top priority.

We need to set a time and location for quiet time to happen.

We need to make sure our location is organized and free from distractions.

Creating a routine is great, but it won’t work if you’re not willing to commit to it.

Make the choice today to commit to your quiet time routine for the next 30 days.

I promise you won’t regret this decision.

Now it’s your turn.

Do you have a daily quiet time routine? Why or why not?

Share your answers with me in the comments section.

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14 thoughts on “How to Grow in Your Walk with Christ

  1. Hi there! Thanks for this important post. I believe that quiet time with God is one of the best things we can do to build our relationship with HIm. And so many don’t surrender the time. Thank you for your testimony of the importance of this Spiritual Rhythm. I also write to encourage people to give Him some time each day! Thank you, sister. <3

    1. Hi Jenn! Quiet time is such a necessity. Especially, in this day and age where everyone is so busy just for the sake of being busy. The enemy wants to keep the people of God distracted and out of His presence. But we have to get focused and back in relationship with him. Thank you for sharing and keep encouraging people to seek his presence!

  2. I often miss quiet time with God. I’m a stay at home homeschool mom so I feel like I don’t have enough time. But like you said, I just need to make time. Thank you for these great tips!

    1. Hi Michelle! It can be hard to make time when it seems like we have so much to do during the day. Maybe you and the kids could do quiet time together. Everybody reads the same scripture, journals, prays and then you come together to reflect on what you’ve read. You get to have quiet time and model it’s importance to you kids.

    1. I think the biggest key is making it a priority.The enemy will use every kind of distraction he can throw at us to keep us from this sacred time.

  3. I too find that having quiet time first thing in the morning makes my day better, even when it’s chaotic. If for some reason I miss that early morning meeting, I can feel difference in myself, like I’m slightly thrown off during the day. Good and needed read.

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